Last Wednesday, my eight-year-old beagle, Jeter, was put to sleep. Though I’ve never been particularly fond of the phrase ‘put to sleep’, it’s much easier to say than the alternatives. The most difficult part of this process has been the abruptness of everything: on Wednesday I was told he was undergoing tests and by that […]

I have a habit of spending many sleepless nights reading the equivalent of reams of Wikipedia articles. It’s not that I condone it as a hugely reputable source, but I am amazed – literally amazed – at the vast fountain of knowledge (and of people willing to impart their own deep knowledge) that we have […]

One year ago I met M. I was stood outside Oxford Circus Station – the exit that tourists swarm, partially because it’s directly across from Topshop and partially because a small stand flogs water and sweets – and I was nervous. It was cold, but I’d practically sprinted to the West End from the east, […]

I’m an impatient person. I suppose I always have been – everything I’ve ever done has never gone as quickly as I’d have liked. I have bursts of creative energy and inspiration, but the problem with projects is that they take time. Since I finished university, I’ve been in a visa-and-job-application limbo, needing an income […]

I’ve always been a writer. Not in the WRITER sense – there have never been bold, capital letters attached to that title, nor has it ever been part of any of my job descriptions. I am a writer in the writer sense – a whisper, a thing I say under my breath. It started with […]

According to my website’s loyal internal clock, I’ve been live for two years, five months and nary a blog post in sight. As someone who claims to be a writer (but never a journalist – I’m not sure I deserve that title, yet) it’s certainly time to change that. So, although this site will remain, […]


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